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Why a Paso Fino?

Because Paso Finos are:

  • Comfortable
    Their special four beat gait is so smooth you can ride with a full glass of champagne in your hand without spilling a single drop. Therefore they are great for people with back, hip or knee problems, who cannot ride trotting horses. And for everybody else they are great fun, too!

  • Enduring
    When properly trained a Paso Fino can go in his four beat gait for hours and hours, therefore they are good endurance horses and for all people without sport ambitions they are just great for long hacks and leisure rides.

  • Sure footed
    Coming from a very rocky environment this small Columbian horse with his short steps can go up and down the steepest mountains.

  • Versatile
    Whatever you may ask of a Paso Fino, he will do it! Long distances, dressage, jumping (up to ca 2 foot), western riding, carriage driving, hacking in the countryside, showing in the ring…

    Photos thanks to Vreni Hamann and Victor la Roca, have a look at their website at: www.silfra.de.vu

    • To ride with ease
      Other than with many horses you will not need much physical strength to ride your Paso Fino as they are very willing to please, reactive and responding to our aids. When properly trained you will mainly ride a Paso Fino with a slight shifting of your weight in the saddle.


    • Beautiful


    • Elegant


    • Friendly


    • Bonding with humans
      Paso Finos are the dogs among the horses. They need their human being and will suffer without him. For someone who only wants to ride a horse like a bike a Paso Fino will therefore be the wrong horse, for somebody who wants a friend for life: This is your horse.

    • Robust
      They look fragile, but they are more hardy than many other horses. They are most happy living outside (with open shelters) all the year and normally don’t need rugs. Their hooves are small and hard, so within the right environment you might need no shoeing for them.

    • Adaptable
      Whether in the hot sun of Florida, the rough climate of the Columbian mountains, the wet British isles or the snowy winter of Canada and Switzerland, they will live, wherever you tell them to live.
      Whether being a show horse, a working horse or a pet, they will be whatever you tell them to be.

      Thanks to Tracy Porter for her generosity of allowing us to use her photo. Have a look at her and her gorgeous Paso Fino Stallion "Casadero Sin Par" at: www.tracy-porter.net

    • BRIO!
      And here all explanation comes to an end. This word, often translated as fire or spirit cannot be explained properly – it has to be experienced. So come, have a look and a try one of the most exciting horses in the world. But careful: Paso Finos are addictive!