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Stallion at Stud

Dinamo QC, our proven Paso Fino stallion, is licensed and has done a formal performance test and has also proven his abilities on many shows, competitions, trekk- and leisure rides.
We offer him for public stud for a limited amount of mares only, so make sure you get your booking in before the spaces are all taken up.
He offers his service to Paso Fino mares, Icelandic mares (to breed Aegidienberger) and mares of Iberian origin (to breed Paso Iberoamericanos) only, as we don't believe in just crossing any mare to any stallion.

Upbringing of your youngster - Livery

We strongly believe that an excellent upbringing is the foundation of a long and happy life for a horse and good partnership with its owner. In our opinion the first years are the most important and most formative years in a horses life. In these first three or four years we pave the way for a trusting, grounded, confident and friendly personality in a horse.
Therefore we invest a lot of time and energy in the raising and educating of our youngsters. From a very early age on they learn through positive reinforcement to trust and obey the humans.
Our methods are based on non-violent and natural theories as well as a lot of patience.

As we strongly believe that we have a true strong point here, we decided to not only raise our own youngsters, but raise other young horses as well. All horses are welcome that will not exceed 15 hd when matured. We also raise your colt in our bachelor herd.
We offer a comprehensive all-round package with leaves the owner with no worries whatsoever. That will include all feed, the farrier at a regular basis as well as worming and vacinations and if nessecary the dentist.
Your youngster will grow up in a mixed herd, so the older horses do their bit of the education, but will get a lot of human contact and training in all things a young horse must know.