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Paso Fino FAQ

  • How big do they come?
    They range between 13,2 and 15 hands, but the best for a Paso Fino is 14 -14,2.

  • Can they carry a tall person?
    Yes they can. With their special four beat gait there is always at least one foot on the ground (other than in the trot of a normal hose) so there is less concussion on the joints of the horses legs. That is, why they can carry more weight in relation to their own size. And they have, similar to Arabs, stronger bones, which makes them more powerful.

  • What is special about them?
    First of all their four beat gait, similar to walk, but much quicker in the footfall and faster in speed. The gait comes in three different speeds: Classic Fino, which only 5 % of the breed can do, with very quick footfall but hardly any forward movement - a pace purely for the show ring, that can be compared to a piaffe in a three gaited horse. Paso Corto, which is with more forward movement, comparable to a working trot and the Paso Largo the fastest of the three speeds, which can have the speed of a canter.
    All three speeds are the same pace with the same footfall and the transitions between the speeds are fluid and differentiate from horse to horse. 
    The other thing that is unique about the Pasos is their character. They are willing to work, hot blooded, but confident, friendly, bonding with humans, more like dogs than like horses. The Columbians call that special characteristic "brio", which is often translated with "spirit", but which is hardly explainable - one has to experience it!

  • Do they also trot?
    Yes, like any other horse they can walk, trot and canter and you can also ride all these paces, although most Paso Fino riders prefer to ride the four beat gait, as it is so comfortable and versatile.

  • How do you rise in trot?
    Very fast J Seriously, in the four beat gait, you don’t rise, you just sit and enjoy and in trot you can rise like on any other horse.

  • What are they good for?
    They are first class pleasure horses, which can be ridden for hours with lots of comfort, as they are very responding and will react precisely on the spot. You will never have to dismount again to open or close a gate on a hack. As they are so confident and not spooky at all most of them will go through the heaviest traffic without wagging an ear, so they are very safe horses to hack.
    Other than that they are very versatile and can do a little bit of everything: dressage, jumping, endurance, carriage driving…

  • What can you do with them?
    Whatever you like! Hacking, riding while serving champagne, dressage, jumping, endurance, carriage driving

  • What do they cost?
    The prices change with age, training, gender, etc. But you can have a good ridden Paso Fino from 5000-6000 Pounds on, foals come cheaper.

  • Why are they so expensive?
    Paso Finos are not native to the UK, most of the Paso Finos over here were imported either from the continent or from the USA. To import a horse is not the cheapest thing and also in their countries of origin they are very exclusive, noble horses for which you can sometimes pay more than for a family house.

  • Where can you show/ compete them?
    There are already some shows dedicated to gaited horses or even especially for the Paso Finos in the UK, such as the annual Paso Fino Spring Show or special Paso Fino classes in the Saddlebred Show or Royal London Horse Show.
    Then there is a European Championship every other year in Germany, where always also British Paso Finos take part.
    So throughout the year there are several possibilities to show your Paso Fino and compete with other Paso Fino riders. The Paso Fino Association UK also organises trek-rides and long distance rides as well as leisure rides over one or more days. Keep your eyes open and have a look at the diary page.

  • Is their gait natural?
    You might hear people say: “They train the Paso Finos to go this special gait” or even “To do this quick footfall they have to tie the horses feet together” all that is nonsense!!!
    The four beat gait of the Paso Finos is completely natural to them, you can train the quality of the gait, as you would train the quality of the trot in a Warmblood or Thoroughbred. But like every Warmblood foal will show some sort of trot in the field, our Paso Fino foals show their special four beat gait already at a very young age (mostly the first steps are in gait) and many adult horses will gait in the fields as well.