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Azucena del Eden

born: 01.03.2001

Colour: buttermilk buckskin, Size: 14 hds,
Type: Pleasure/ Classic Fino
Breeder: Carlos Tobon (USA)

Azucena means "white lily", which gives you a glimpse of how special, unique and magical this horse is.
Everybody falls for Lily at first sight. Actually so did we and bought her off Yvonne and Rachel Bowen a few years back.
Since then Lily has given us two amazing colts and countless hours of pleasure in her saddle. She has a show pleasure gait, that is very smooth and quick, winning her more than one blue ribbon (and hopefully some more still to come), but she blossoms out on the hacks, being an adventurer that will go with you into the water, over the moors and will even bushwhak through hip deep gorse, fern and brambles. (Really! We didn't believe it, but she found the way home that day!)
As far as her pedigree is concerend, Columbian nobility runs through her veins. Her father Maestro is a very successful Classic Fino stallion with National and European Champion offspring in the USA and Europe. And as well as being a multiple champion himself, his owners (Claudia and Daniel Greb in Switzerland) often use him as a school horse and first-ride Paso Fino for his disposition is flawless.


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