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About Southdown Farm


Southdown Farm lies at the picturesque south coast of Devon, between the fishing town of Brixham and the mouth of the river Dart. It is home to an exciting and rare breed of horses - the Paso Fino, a gaited horses breed originating from South America.

Our herd consits presently of six broodmares, one stallion and several youngsters.

Our stallion can cover in the field or in hand and is available for stud. From time to time we are happy to sell horses under saddle or young stock of high quality.

All our horses live under optimal conditions on generous pastures with open shelters and the most beautiful sea views, which is great for us if not for them. Our youngsters grow up within the herd, but with lots of human contact. This enables them to develop into confident, balanced and friendly individuals, thoroughly well disposed towards human beings and delightful partners in leisure and sport.