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Adorada la Roca

born: 14.05. 1998

Colour: grey, Size: 1,45m (14.1 hd), Type: Largo
Breeder: Robert Steinbeis (Germany)

Adorada, "the adorable", is definitely one of a kind. She has been called everything from princess to dragon and continues to be special, challenging, exciting and mindblowingly brilliant. She will gait on the spot, if you ask her to, and largo as fast as the wind, if you let her. She trots and canters like an Iberian horse, is a Dressage talent, a show horse and an endurance crack. And everything she does, she does with the attitude of a true lady - wanting to be asked rather than demanded of.
With her Iberian looks she seems bigger than she actually is, giving you the impression almost of a gaited Lusitano. At 12 years old now almost pure white she is a horse that stands out in the croud.
The immortal Coral LaCe is her great grandfather, from him she got her size, speed and gentleness and from the other great grandfather, Plebeyo, the colour and the fire.


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