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Candelaria de Santa Ines

born: 10.September 1994

Colour: bay, Size: 1,44 m (14hd), Type: Classic Fino
Breeder: Columbia

Candy came to us from our good friend Carlos Tobon as a three-in-one package and has been a true asset to our herd ever since.
She came as a broodmare, but then we enjoyed riding her so much, that we gave her a year off from being a mum. She has the most comfortable, quick footed, even gait - no matter who rides her and what gear in. Candy is the type of horse you go on a hack into the sunset bareback and on a head collar only at the end of a long day.
She was a National Champion in her times, a true Classic Fino, but now retired a trail companion.
Nevertheless she brings highly showy offspring, that inherit her good character, quick footfall, elegant appearance and smoothness of gait.
We are looking forward to a Dinamo baby from her this year, having had two Mandato fillies that are truely tremendous.


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