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BoBeTA's Brilliante

born: 29.03.1990

Colour: buckskin, Size: 1,49 m (14.3hd), Type: Largo
Breeder: USA-Import

Brilli is our Golden Girl, now almost 20 years old and still a shining star in our herd and undisputed alpha mare. She has given us year after year reliable, natural gaiters, which have become best friends to many people in Europe.
She is one of tallest Paso Finos around and in her days was one of the fastest, being a worthy granddaughter of Coral LaCe, who was called the Horse of Horses.
She has four even gaits with a good trot and canter as well as a true Largo gait with the most spectacular hock action. With her working horse disposition she was always first on the hacks, enjoying nothing more than a good, fast ride, but being always controllable and never hectic she was a fantastic horse to go on long rides.
She is retired now from being a riding horse, but is again in foal to Dinamo - a proven cross that has given us Benni, Campanilla, Diamante and Espiritu so far.


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